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Two Zero One Nine

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People often tell each other to have a good day. But, it has become one of those customary things to say without much meaning behind it. Which is a shame, because we really should remind ourselves to have a good day. A few weeks ago my son Aiden left me a note, which I found after dropping him off at school.

Fall has felt like a whirlwind. I caught myself chasing after the eternal pile of work that needed to be done and not recognizing the victories of the day. Instead of letting myself have a good day, I was forcing myself to a negative for the next day. I wasn't having bad days, but I found myself less than chipper. I found myself working at home more than riding my bike to the coworking space downtown, I had stopped running and reading. I didn't fill those gaps with work, I just took moments to sit.

It is funny how a little note can cause you to stop, think, and act. Despite the wintry midwestern weather setting in (~30°F / ~2°C) I have been able to pick up running again and get my reading back on track. Sometimes you just need a reminder to focus on the victories of the day and remember you did all you can do.

I am looking to try something new on my site, adding a way to just provide quick updates. Possibly experimenting with it being my way to publish to social networks.