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Gearing up for the 2020 conference season

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It's time to start gearing up for the 2020 conference season! 2019 isn't over yet, but I'm pretty excited about the next conference season. A lot of things are happening in Drupal. Drupal 9 will be released in June 2020! That means each conference will be abuzz with contributions and decision making to make this a great release and smooth transition. Here are some events I have my eyes on!

Florida DrupalCamp

When? Feb 21-23
Where? Orlando, FL

Florida DrupalCamp is pretty rad, and so are their tacos 🌮. FLDC 2014 was my second conference and first time speaking. I had the pleasure of returning in 2018, where I learned about the Admin UI and JavaScript Modernisation initiative, which motivated and drove forward my headless Drupal Commerce work.

I recommend going, great people and great times. There's also a nice BBQ joint they all go to on Friday, which is across the street from the hotel near the venue.


When? March 18th - 21st
Where? Chicago, IL

The Midwest DrupalCamp is my home regional camp! I've been attending since 2014 - I missed the first year in 2013. The organizers have always made strides at ensuring the event is accessible and inclusive. That is probably one of the biggest impression it has left on me. They're also not afraid to experiment and innovate year after year.


Drupal Developer Days

When? April 6-10
Where? Ghent, Belgium

Okay, so I have never been to Drupal Developer Days. It's always been at a weird schedule between MidCamp, DrupalCon, IRCE in June, and birthdays. Also, there is the fact it is in Europe. Drupal Developer Days should be quite an amazing experience this year with Drupal 9 knocking on the door.

My European counterparts of Centarro attend every year (like the infamous bojanz,) make sure you say Hi to them 👋


When? May 18-22
Where? Minneapolis, MN

DrupalCon is in my backyard! Well, not really. It's only give hours away. I'm excited to go up to the Twin Cities with the family and spend the week at DrupalCon. We'll have the Centarro team there with our booth, so make sure you come by and say Hi 👋

Decoupled Days

When? July 22-23
Where? New York City, New York

Decoupled Days 2020 was just announced! I've attended the 2018 and 2019 editions of the camp and it has quickly skyrocketed to an anticipated event for the year. On the Centarro blog, I wrote about my Decoupled Days 2019 experience. It is an engineering and design conference. The act of decoupling in a system requires specific system design and presents engineering challenges.

Bay Area Drupal Camp (BADCamp

When? October (dates TBD)
Where? Berkeley, CA

I have actually never attended BADCamp 😱. It is one of the go-to camps and it is free! It has always conflicted with my travels to DrupalCon Europe. Maybe I'll make it this year? Next year? 

DrupalCon Europe

When? ??
Where? ??

Rumor has it there will be another DrupalCon Europe. 👀I know I'm on the lookout for the details.

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