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Looking back at my first Drupal events and talks

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I have been spending the month of May cleaning out my basement office. I have found a treasure trove of old papers and random things bringing up memories and other thoughts. Just like my last blog post on an organization's values and the culture it creates. This time I found two legal pads which had my notes and planning for my first Drupal Meetup talk and first came session.

My first talk about Drupal was at the Milwaukee Meetup. I have a talks explaining the differences between the Omega theme's versions 3 and 4. Which I decided would be like comparing apples to oranges. 

I had just started my own Meetup in Kenosha and had not yet made it up to Milwaukee. I had been meaning to but failed to commit. Then one day David Snopek sent out an email saying the speaker for that month couldn't make it and asked if anyone wanted to talk about building theme' with Omega. All of our sites were built using Omega 3 or Omega 4, so I decided to jump in and offer to talk. Before that talk, I had just presented shortly on Drupal at my own meetup, mostly amongst friends.

The slides are still available on SlideShare:…

A few months later I was encouraged by Mike Herchel to propose a session for Florida DrupalCamp. At work, I had begun using Panels more and more on each site builder over things like Context and Delta. It took a while, but I decided to talk about ways we were using Panels and custom layouts to build responsive and adaptive content.

Florida DrupalCamp 2014 was my second camp and first time speaking at a Drupal conference. I also had some Mediacurrent employees in my session who showed their work Classy Panel Styles, which was a project to try and simplify customization of a pane's display.

My slides for that are still available on SlideShare as well:…

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