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You can catch me on Twitch with live coding streams. I use the coding streams as a way to hack on open source and teach some tips & tricks – and to hang out!

Got something you'd like me to cover? Ask me a question and I'll do my best to answer it on an upcoming stream.

Coming up

Hack and Play: Follow up – Workspaces Plus

A few days ago I tried out the Workspaces module in Drupal core. Chris McIntosh of Wembassy messaged about a module he created, called Workspace Plus. The module solves limitations around custom entities and Layout Builder, along with partial content deployments. 

I'm so excited about this module, I'm doing a quick follow up to try this out.

Here is their blog to introduce the module:

phpstan-drupal development

I'm going to tackle some improvements to phpstan-drupal. There are two pull requests I need to review and finish up, and I want to support dynamic file includes from module_load_include.

Hack and Play: Tugboat, Ahoy!

Tugboat is an amazing service that provides preview environments for your code. I use in for my clients and it's the service that provides preview environments for and Drupal core merge requests! In this hack and play, we'll try setting up various projects: Laravel, decoupled Drupal, ReactPHP, maybe even something in Golang?

Simplytest beta bug smash

The beta bug smash continues!

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