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Facebook Album WordPress Plugin

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The Facebook Album WordPress plugin allows you to place your organization's Facebook page pictures right into your WordPress site. Product and company branding along with having online presence are everything, and simplifying that process makes life much easier. Bring a little bit more of Facebook to your site using this plugin. No extra work is needed, just copy the URL to one of your Facebook Page's albums. Then paste it into the plugin's widget or use the shortcode to place it within a post or page. Ready? Download the Facebook Album WordPress plugin from

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How To Use Facebook Album WordPress Plugin

If video tutorials are your thing, check out this demonstration and tutorial I've created: Using the shortcode, and Creating a Facebook app to use with Facebook Album plugin Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 1.26.00 AMFirst, visit your Facebook Page, and then navigate to your page's photo section. View the list of your Facebook Page's albums and view the album you wish to use. You're almost set, now you just need to copy the URL the your page's photo album. The plugin will figure out the rest for you. You wil be able to configure the size of your photo's thumbnails through the settings page. Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 1.28.32 AM Ok! Now create or edit your WordPress post or page that you'd like to display some Facebook photos in. The shortcode for the plugin is [fbalbum url="{URL}"] to get the basics of the plugin to work properly. Your page or post's content should look similar to below. Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 1.32.21 AM Update your page and give it a test run! By default the plugin wil pull all 200 photos (maximum number of photos Facebook allows an album to contain.) You may add a limit="#" attribute to the short code.

Need help? Or would like to see new features? Well development has been stalled due to time and monetary constraints. If you'd like to see this plugin grow, consider donating funding through or PayPal.

Support for Facebook Album WordPress Plugin

Below are answers to a few general questions. I try to respond to each email I receive, but I do work full time as a web developer. If you're having issues and would like faster support, consider donating even $1. Contact me with your questions through that PayPal email - or make myself aware of your donation - and I will provide immediate support.

Error: Facebook API came back with a result, but it had no photos!

This error means that Facebook responded, but it did not provide any photos. Generally this means there was an authentication issue - as in a photo album not on a Facebook Page or not set as public was attempted to be accessed.

Error: Album ID was empty

The URL copied from Facebook was not copied correctly. Part of the set of numbers in a Facebook album URL are the album's Graph ID. This ID is how the Facebook API identifies data.

Error: Facebook API returned empty result. Please double check your Facebook album URL.

This error means that no data was received by Facebook. This is generally a temporary issue due to your web server not being able to connect to Facebook. If this error continually persists contact your web host, or contact me for support.

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