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Watch: Nightwatch testing training to help get Olivero stable for Drupal 9.2!

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I am a little late getting this blog published. The end of March and early part of April just blew right past. However, I wanted to share the recordings from the Nightwatch.js training I gave at MidCamp on March 25th. I showed folks how to run Drupal's Nightwatch.js test suite locally, with DDEV and Lando.

The workshop code is available on the Bluehorn Digital GitHub organization, with documentation. I plan to develop this for all future testing workshops and keep it open for folks to learn from outside of paid workshops. In fact, the repo runs GitHub Actions to test the various setups and executes Drupal tests – the tests run tests to test that the tests can be tested! 😵


Brian Perry took my Lando setup and contributed it to the thinktandem/drupal-contributions repo, a boilerplate local contribution setup. I plan on adding something similar to the DDEV quicksprint tool or their contrib recipes repo.

Contributors moved the following issues forward with the Nightwatch.js training (some committed, now!)

MidCamp recorded the pieces of training for your viewing pleasure!

Getting up and running locally with running the tests:

Writing some tests!

If you are interested in having a private training session with your team to level up your testing capabilities, shoot me an inquiry at [email protected]!

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