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Tips for Google Maps and Mobile

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When developing web applications it is always wise to use the most up to date APIs and know when to scale back on certain functionality.  Google just posted a blog entry stating four mobile web app tips when using Google Maps. Basically it runs down to use API v3, Static API usage, StreetView Images, and JS Map usage. On my Kenosha Bar Night project, I use a JS Google Map to provide a visual of all the bars listed. However, when you view a bar's listing I only use a static Google Map to demonstrate it's location while using less resources.  That is just for the regular desktop version. For the mobile site I only use static maps to shorten render speeds and provide compatibility. Yes, the market is full of smartphones but not all have the same features, certain aspects of the JS Google Maps may not be supported.  You can still place markers on static maps to illustrate your locations. Integrate the StreetView Image API to help your visitors get an understanding of the locations surroundings instead of providing the interactive map when it isn't needed.

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