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The road to Nashville, DrupalCon and fun awaits!

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It is that time of year, again! It is DrupalCon time! Woooooo. Last year DrupalCon Baltimore saw 3,271 attendees, and I'm betting Nashville will bring in more (because, Nashville.) When this publishes and hits various feed, I will be on the road and (hopefully) an hour into the eight-hour drive to Nashville with my family.

My wife and two kids joined me at DrupalCon New Orleans - and it was awesome. We enjoyed Frenchman Street, while avoiding Bourbon Street. Our oldest son, then four, loved having beignets and walking through the French Quarter. Cafe Beignet was a nightly affair. I doubt our youngest, only nine months at the time, remembers the trip much.

But! Now, that they are six and two, I bet they will have a blast in Nashville. My wife is a big country fan, too, so I know she will. There is a listening room near our lodging that is all ages friendly, and apparently has the best acoustics in town.

They won't be coming into the conference. But, I'm thankful that I get to bring them along and experience the food, music, and other things Nashville will bring. I spend a lot of my mornings and nights doing extra work, most often my open source "commitments" that fall outside of client time. So, getting to do this is pretty awesome.

A lot has changed in two years, since New Orleans. I hope that I'll have the chance to introduce my family to members of my Drupal family,  all of whom make such a big impact in my day-to-day work.

I cannot wait to see everyone in Nashville!

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