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relogo: rel="logo"

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There is a new proposed "standard" rumbling around the 'nets on how to provide an up-to-date logo for a brand using the <link> tag.  The goal is to provide outside websites, applications, readers, and whatever else the Internet may bring with an always up to date logo. Think of it as your favicon for browsers, our the apple-touch-icon.  The linked graphic will be a scalable vector logo (SVG). Think about Facebook and Twitter (who aren't listed as supporters.) These two companies have their logos and icons plastered everywhere. Twitter has updated their branding quite a few times - now their bird is angled, first it was straight, and then who really knows. Either way, when you're on the Internet you could see hundreds of variations. If I could use an API to reference a service's logo through this standard life would be great. No more re-sizing JPEG or PNG files to fit my need, just reference an SVG and set my width and height. For more information check out and try out the API to check out and other listed supporters.

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