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PhpStorm trick: keyboard shortcut to expand your tool window

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I accidentally found a cool keyboard shortcut for PhpStorm, and probably every IntelliJ IDE. On macOS, you can use Shift + CMD + Apostrophe to force your tool window to expand to the entire screen. I'm assuming for Linux and Windows this is Shift + CTRL + Apostrophe. I don't know about anyone else, BUT I AM VERY EXCITED.

This is what my terminal window usually looks like. It's pretty annoying and I find myself constantly adjusting its height. Larger when I need to focus, smaller when I need to quick run some commands while coding.

But, today I found a new shortcut. I was trying to change my active terminal tab with Shift + CMD + ] and accidentally hit Shift + CMD + '. When I did, my terminal popped up and down. It went from its current size to meet the full height of my IDE! Perfect for getting a focused terminal and not having to manually change the height.

This is definitely a new productivity hack for me in PhpStorm.

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