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PHPStan Drupal and Drupal Check now on TideLift

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I have officially Lifted the PHPStan Drupal extension and the Drupal Check tool on TideLift. TideLift is a managed open source subscription that aims to provide enterprise users of open source piece of mind, and also fund maintainers of open source software. The TideLift Subscription provides benefits to users of open source software and the maintainers of the code. 

The PHPStan Drupal extension started as an experiment in providing static code analysis to Drupal code for a product at work. That product didn't quite launch, but the usefulness of PHPStan Drupal greatly did. PHPStan Drupal has been an integral part of the Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 code migration process. It is a core component in the Upgrade Status module. It is also added to Acquia BLT, Thunder CMS, deGov, and more projects to provide code analysis and deprecated code detection.

By using TideLift to inspect your open source dependencies, you also support PHPStan development. PHPStan is also a Lifted package in TideLift.

I have also added Drupal Check to TideLift, as folks use that instead of PHPStan directly.

Curious about recommending TideLift to your enterprise customers to help maintainer and assurance quality of these projects? You can request TideLift a demo.

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