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Navbar, made awesome

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I just created Navbar Awesome, my latest project on This module helps take Navbar to a different experience. It allows site builders to provide site users and clients with a cleaner implementation of Navbar.



  • Currently module checks if Libraries is enabled and tries to load FontAwesome via Libraries. If it is not, it'll add a CDN reference. Disabling the CDN placement can be disabled via a variable, soon the UI.
  • Right now the module moves the Content link to the top level, making it easily accessible for site users. Roadmap is to make this completely customizable.
  • The Roboto font currently cannot be disabled, however there will be a setting to do so.
  • This has been developed against the 1.4 release of Navbar, it's likely for each release the module will have to be tweaked.
Want to help out? Write some patches! Or consider donating to the maintainer on GitTip.