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Modern IE, Aptana and SVN, and Responsive...Fonts?

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Here is a quick roundup of some interesting links for just the beginning of the week: is a site by Microsoft basically saying "Sorry we've been ruining your life, we're going to act like we know about web standards now."  In all honesty though,  I give Microsoft respect for at least attempting to clean up their previous embarrassments. They've teamed up with BrowserStack, which I use all the time, for virtual testing of previous Internet Explorer versions, along with mobile. I use Aptana Studio 3 as my IDE, and it comes configured to play ball with git - which is fine with me, we use git at work and a lot awesome projects are on..well github. However if you develop for WordPress you'll need SVN support (like myself.) Setting it up is real simple - check out this guide from  Responsive design is the new thing, along with making the web more accessible. If you have a webcam you need to check out this experiment using responsive font size.  The site gauges the proximity of your face to the screen and then compensates the font size. There is a few different modes, try them all - Responsive Typography. I'm not really one to dive into the extremes of CSS3 and HTML5, but I love to read about it. Check out this article by Philip Walton about z-index and element stacking. Check out, a way to see what your template looks like on different view ports...although constantly resizing your browser is kind of fun.