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Mobile Developer Apps

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It's a mobile world, and the same is expected of developers. You cannot always be next to a computer, but you can take steps to help solve a crisis without ruining your day.image

Dropbox If you do not already have drop box on your phone, or don't even use it at all, it is a top priority. It allows you to edit code on your phone much easier - unless you really like using vim through an SSL tunnel. Code editor I use DroidEdit, and have for about a year and a half or so; before that was SilverLite. There might be something better, but it suits my needs and I like its syntax highlighting FTP AndFTP had been the only FTP app I have used. Its simple and serves my purposes. I can edit a file on Dropbox and then upload it took the server for a quick patch. Or if you're bored and just want to test some code. ConnectBot This by far is a required tool for any web developer, webmaster, even sysadmins. You can telnet or SSH to a server or your computer. For example you can ensure your git repos are up-to-date before you remotely deploy in those emergency scenarios. Control Panel for cPanel One of my favorite apps for on the go web management. Domain management, server status, built in file manager (still prefer an FTP app), essentially everything you need. I prefer this versus the browser version of cPanel you can access, makes life faster. You can login to a cPanel and it will save it for you, creating multiple shortcuts. Beanstalk (or any Git/SVN app) At work we use Beanstalk, you might use GitHub or any other provider. Regardless who, there is probably a mobile app. In a meeting with a client and they're asking questions about development? You can view recent activity overall or for each of your repos. Have deployments set up? You can deploy your repo from your phone, at least with this Beanstalk app. Before I started at Dooley & Associates I was still delivering beer and they had asked if I could freelance until my two weeks was up. I had a trainee with me that could drive the truck, so while I had him drive or we waited for accounts to open I was developing off of my phone. Is it ideal? No, but time is money.

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