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Lorem Ipsum meet BLOKK

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Lorem Ipsum is a slew of text that is used as filler content to help flush out a design or concept. It comes in handy when developing websites as well. A designer's template concept is built on a static environment created by them. Web developers have to take that concept and turn it into a living piece of art that reacts to dynamic content and a large array of devices. However well you, your designer friend, that person you know who publishes, there are still people who do not understand what Lorem Ipsum is or stands for. This is where the BLOKK font comes to the rescure. blokk-font The concept is simple really, replace the text with blocked lines. The graphic above shows text in a normal font and then in BLOKK on the right. Using custom web fonts has become extremely easy and reliable - save some instances with Internet Explorer. This font makes creating design concepts, testing web design, and regular publishing mocks ups much easier. Personally I think I am already growing on the idea of looking at block lines versus Latin. Grab the font:

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