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A recent project of mine has been for the Drupal community. The name speaks for itself - it provides a way for contributors to work on project issues queues through a kanban board. This app has two purposes: visualize the project issue queues in a useful fashion, and provide an experiment that tries to fully utilize APIs. provides a robust search system for finding issues across projects, priority, category, and tags. However you're still left with a table of single results or mixed results in a tabular format. It can be hard to pinpoint exact work to be done during a sprint, or how to focus on a module's release. A huge inspiration for this module was to model how @DamienMcKenna runs the release plans for Panelizer and Fieldable Panels Panes. He utilizes to visualize the release issue nodes on I give major credit to that dedication, because I know I would falter in maintaining that synchronization.

Check out the difference between the board and the board. While this kind of configuration on is manual on my end, it will eventually be open to all project maintainers. In this case a maintainer merely needs to specify a "release plan" issue and mark relevant issues and child issues. The board will populate based on this information.

If you're reading this and want your project updated, ping me on Twitter or my contact form (for best results.)

Currently this project is closed source. This project is my stress reliever from work, school, and contrib itself. That. Or maybe I just want somewhere I can write commits like this, instead of logical/readable ones.

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