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Goodbye AdSense, hello CodeFund.

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For a long time, I have had Google AdSense on my website. It generated enough revenue that I could hit the minimum payout of $100 about once a year, covering my hosting costs. Then, a few months ago, I found CodeFund by Gitcoin. I still have Google Analytics on my website, but as a responsible web property owner, I wanted to reduce the exposure of my visitors to Google's ad network and various profiling and trackers.

Also, CodeFund actually servers better-targeted ads for my readers. AdSense wasn't that great. 

CodeFund for Ethical Advertising.

CodeFund has taken on many of the ideas from Read The Docs ethical advertising. They explain it best:

We do not track, profile, or sell information. We do not use cookies. We only show ads that are relevant and meaningful to the users.

I had tried to use Carbon Ads, however, my website does not hit the traffic threshold. So, luckily there was CodeFund. The platform is also open source! So far it seems to match, or beat, the AdSense revenue.

Between this and my Patreon I'm able to pay my hosting costs for my website and ContribKanban. And Netflix. Sometimes.

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