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"Getting Cozy with Drupal Commerce"

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Getting Cozy with Drupal Commerce cover art. I'm writing a book! Mid May I began work on a book called "Getting Cozy with Drupal Commerce." Commerce is a robust module with a lot of power under the hood, unfortunately many of its features can be confusing or frustrating. Why? Because its architected to be flexible and extensible. My book aims to dive in headfirst to what makes Drupal Commerce tick. Just about each of the submodules that make up the system get their own chapter. The book won't walk you through making a store from beginning to end - there are too many use cases and too many ways one could accomplish that. I want people to read this book and walk away feeling confident in using contributed modules made for Commerce, making their own, or just making a kickass online store with Commerce. I'm publishing through LeanPub and the book can be found here:

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