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Florida DrupalCamp is funding D9, and PHP 8 support for phpstan-drupal

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Well, this has been quite a week. On Sunday, I decided to pause the development of phpstan-drupal and drupal-check until I could find funded development time. Wednesday, I gave an update based on recent additions to GitHub Sponsors and a product idea to fund sustainable development. On Wednesday afternoon, I was approached by Florida DrupalCamp (via Mike Herchel,) who offered to support – in full – the estimated cost to get phpstan-drupal to support Drupal 9 and PHP 8.

I ball-parked the effort at 20 hours, a total of $2,000. While I'm reasonably sure it will take this much time, I never anticipated receiving the funding in full or so soon. I have decided that I will be sending $500 to Ondřej for his work on PHPStan, which already has PHP 8 support. My work is focused on getting the testing matrix working, any PHP8 incompatibilities within phpstan-drupal, and what happens when a module that doesn't support PHP 8 is analyzed.

I am still flushing out a product concept to help project owners detect upcoming code deprecations to minimize code debt and plan upgrades more efficiently.

P.S. Florida DrupalCamp is the best* camp ever (Mike made me say that as a funding condition)

* MidCamp and Florida DrupalCamp are tied, as they are my two favorite conferences and go way back to my early Drupal beginnings.

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