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Father's Day gifts for Web Developers.

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Two years ago I became a dad; and, with that I actually started checking into what blogs and techy stores suggest for Father's Day. In my opinion they all suck - unless you're a hipster nerd, or all about little gadgets. This is my attempt at a gift-idea roundup of badass stuff fellow web developer dads could truly enjoy.
  1. The Complete Smashing Library. I purchased the Smashing Library for myself, and it is incredible. Coming in a $99 for over 50 eBooks (plus any future releases), the value is intense. For the price of buying two books your local bookstore (and more knowledge IMO) this definitely hits #1.
  2. Web Dev Swag. I hate nerdy shirts - unless its supporting some of my favorite services I use. Here's some popular services or software that a web developer would be proud to sport: GitHub, Codepen, WordPress,
  3. Sublime Text License. Sublime Text is a badass text editor that can be extended to put on all the bells and whistles. It isn't free, but it sports a unlimited-time "trial." Every so often after you save a document the "Purchase a License" dialog comes up. The license is $70, but it'll put one hell of a smile on his or her face.
  4. Dash (Mac) is a new piece of documentation software I've fallen in love with. Developers need to remember APIs and random function names - so we do a lot of Googling. Dash solves that problem - "Dash gives you instant offline access to 80+ API documentation sets"It comes free with minor usage limitations, however its worth the small price tag.
  5. XKCD. Buy some XKCD swag. If he's a Linux Geek, be sure to snag the Sudo shirt.

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