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Facebook Albums 2.0.5

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After a few months I decided to give Facebook Albums some love. With 2.0.4 I implemented WordPress's caching mechanism to cache Facebook API responses for better performance. Will it never occurred to me about clearing said cache if the widget or that post updates.

So now if you update your Facebook Album widget, it will clear the cache and reflect your changes (such as image limit.) Ditto goes for posts, anytime a post saves the plugin checks for the shortcode (<3.6.0 compliant ;)) and clears that albums cached output.

What I'm sure most people are looking for is the damned Facebook app and authentication, right? I mean c'mon it can't be that hard to have the plugin connect with Facebook, take the access token, then request an extended one and make sure it all works. Right? Well it should be fixed now, extended tokens last about 2 months. That means you'll have to visit the settings page every so often.

Thanks to the few who provided positive feedback, and those who complained...this is free. Donate some money for development time, or learn some code.

Need help? Or would like to see new features? Well development has been stalled due to time and monetary constraints. If you'd like to see this plugin grow, consider donating funding through or PayPal.

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