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Facebook Album: Caching and Localization

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My Facebook Album for WordPress has one major issue: performance. Each time a the plugin is loaded it polls the Facebook API for a response to parse the photos feed. I am going to integrate the caching method WordPress's RSS widgets use for caching Facebook's API response. By default the cache will set to one day, but I will be sure to add a setting that allows adjustment. Secondly I want to localize the plugin since there is such a wide variety of users from different countries. I'm going to start localizing the plugin based off of the demographics analytics of the plugin's page. I will be simply using Google Translator unless plugin users could kindly provide true translations for the settings page. If you have any suggestions for which languages to localize the plugin for, or any feature requests, please reply in the comments below. Please also remember I develop this plugin during my free time outside of work for free. Donations are greatly appreciated and also aid in the speed of which this plugin is developed.

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