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Facebook Album 2.0.4 out now!

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Facebook Album 2.0.4 has just been released and fixes quite a few issues, hopefully resolving a lot of the little things that were wrong with the plugin. Missing Thumbnails. There was an issue with smaller images and not having the same number of thumbnails as larger images, which means the plugin was trying to display an imaginary image source. I added a little function that will force the plugin to keep finding the best thumbnail. Thumbnail resolution! I adjusted the values of the thumbnail sizes to bump up one more size to provide better resolution. Larger Lightbox image. Thumbnails now link to a 960px (or as close as possible) version of the image instead of 720px. The Widget! I finally gave the widget some love and went over the code. If you have a title for the widget, it uses the proper widget title formatting specified when a sidebar is registered, not the junk I had tossed in there. Secondly, you can now choose to hide or show the album's title. Localization! I've started to run through the plugin and have all of the plugin's option page string through WordPress's localization functions. I did one quick run through and used Google Translator to provide the translation - which if any one wants to help the .poe file is now bundled in the plugin.

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