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Explore Drupal Commerce 2 with Commerce Demo!

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When we talk about Drupal Commerce 2, the biggest we questions we get are not about features, but when you can start building with it. Well, the answer is and has been now! Drupal Commerce 2 has been in alpha and nearing beta. What does this mean? In alpha we might have some schema changes, requiring a reinstall of your site. Luckily Drupal 8 has that fancy new configuration management system to export your site, right?

But what about products! That's data you lose on each reinstall. Luckily, we have Migrate in core and Commerce Migrate has been kicked off for Drupal 8. Generally speaking, most e-commerce sites have some sort of CSV or other file format containing product information. You can use Migrate to import that data and begin building your Drupal Commerce 2 site.

Imperceivable?! Nay! See the Commerce Demo sandbox I have created. This provides a T-Shirt product type with some and color attributes. It also imports sample products from a CSV. The CSV mimics the flat format you might receive from am ERP, you hopefully you can re-use it!

Here's how you can add it to your Drupal site using composer.

    "repositories": [
            "type": "vcs",
            "url": ""

Otherwise, download it from GitHub:

What's next? This module will showcase the new flexibility and control you have over your Drupal Commerce site, with best practices in mind.

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