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Drupal Issue Tracker, Chrome App

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Yesterday I released a Chrome application to provide a simple method for keeping track of project issues. Take a issue number (the node ID) and add it to the app. It will then utilize's REST APIs and keep track of the issue. This allows you to keep a collection of important issues and periodically check their status. I've put the Chrome packaged app source up on GitHub:

But, why?!

Managing patches when developing a product is a headache. It can be especially daunting if you're extending upon a suite of modules (Panopoly, Open Atrium.) You're not only patching contribute projects, but then those other projects as well. Reading a makefile doesn't exactly highlight all of your patches and their status. Also, if you're building a product, you're going to want to track important issues that will affect your development.

Try it out!

Get the app from the Chrome Web Store, or follow the instructions below to use the dev HEAD from the repository.

  • Clone the repository (make sure you're on dev branch.)
  • Visit the Extensions page (chrome://extensions/).
  • Load unpacked Extension
  • Point file browser to /path/to/drupalorg-issue-tracker/app
    • Key is to point to the "app" folder, could do "dist", but "app" is like HEAD
  • Launch!

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