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The Drupal 10 Development Cookbook is out!

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The Drupal 10 Development Cookbook is officially out! Special thanks to Kevin Quillen for his amazing assistance in writing the book. And my good friend Justin Cornell as a technical reviewer. You can order the print or ebook on Amazon (affiliate link) or Packt! This is technically the 3rd edition of the book. The first edition came out with the Drupal 8.0 release, and the second was around Drupal 8.5.0. So this covers everything that came with Drupal 9 and was added for Drupal 10!

We have 450 pages and fourteen chapters with walkthroughs and breakdowns for development with Drupal 10.

  • Up and Running with Drupal
  • Content Building Experience
  • Displaying Content through Views
  • Extending Drupal with Custom Code
  • Creating Custom Pages
  • Accessing and working with entities
  • Creating Forms with the Form API
  • Plug and Play with Plugins
  • Creating Custom Entity Types
  • Theming and Frontend Development
  • Multilingual and Internationalization
  • Building APIs with Drupal
  • Writing Automated Tests in Drupal
  • Migrating External Data into Drupal

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