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Commerce Reports 4.x

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I spent a few hours this evening and knocked out a few updates for Commerce Reports to kick off the 4.x version of the module. It separates the module from the non-maintained Visualization API for the maintained Charts module. This version also removes the granularity filter we've all come to know and love with using Views Date Format SQL module. This cuts back on module code to maintain for this module and better usage of the SQL query. Not to mention more reliable (I always seemed to get an extra month or day rolled in.)

You can check out this screencast overview I made, or read below:

The Sales reports (Monthly, Weekly, Yearly) have been broken into their own displays and are secondary menu items when on the Sales tab. Sales defaults to monthly, as it always did. The Weekly report has one issue. The granularity defaults on date fields do not include weekly, so the module will have to provide a hook and create one.

I've made date_popup a dependency of the module to provide easier date filtering, similar to Commerce Backoffice Orders.

Addressed in 4.x are:

This development branch needs testing since quite a bit of the core module has been moved around, here is the issue I opened regarding reviewing the initial 4.x release:

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