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Come to MidCamp and kick off contribution sprints for DrupalCon Seattle

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MidCamp, the Midwest Drupal Camp, is coming around the corner! March 20th through the 23rd, hundreds of Drupalistas will converge in Chicago for training workshops, contribution sprints, and sessions! This is one of my favorite conferences. The organizers put together so much thought and effort into each detail.

What else makes MidCamp special? It's a DrupalCamp right before DrupalCon (April 8th.) This makes MidCamp a prime contribution sprint camp. Need to plan for an initiative? Need to get together with other sprint leads? Want to ease into contribution so you can rock it at DrupalCon? Come to MidCamp!

Drupal 8.7.0 is planned to have its first alpha released on March 18th. The alpha release is a feature freeze of the 8.7.x branch. Let's use MidCamp to help squash bugs and triage the issue queues to help make all of the Drupal 8.7.0 goals in preparation for DrupalCon Seattle!

Let's Contribute to Drupal at MidCamp!

This year I am working to coordinate the contribution sprints. If you're interested, reach out on the Drupal Slack or join MidCamp's Slack as well. I am going to start reaching out to initiative leads to see how we can help during MidCamp.

Mentors will be available to help new contributors! Mentors help new contributors navigate, how the issue queues work, and more. Although they have not been announced, I am fairly certain there will be relevant pieces of training available for those looking to get started with contributions.


The goal of the documentation initiative is to improve the Drupal evaluator, developer, and site builder experiences through improved documentation on

This is a great initiative for non-developers.

Admin UI & JavaScript Modernisation

The Claro admin theme has been added to This will be a great way for designers and front end developers to contribute.

We’re proposing to update the administration look and feel through a new design system for the Drupal administration UI. A design system consists of visual and behavioural components and patterns that can be combined into user-friendly user interfaces.

Dries has recently written about this as well:

Drupal 9 readiness

There are quite a few issues that are working to get Drupal 9 readiness underway. Most of this is handling Symfony 4/5 updates.

Looking to get involved? Check out the #d9readiness channel in Drupal Slack.


Out of the box is always growing and needs assistance. A strong out of the box demo makes Drupal easier to sell and showcase.


I'm available for one-on-one consulting calls – click here to book a meeting with me 🗓️